Math 471 - Numerical Analysis - Fall 2000

Section 61978 - TuTh 2:10-3:25 in Ayres 314

Text: Numerical Analysis, Sixth Edition by R.L. Burden and J.D. Faires. Other reference material may be made available.


This course is for anyone with an interest in how and why numerical algorithms work to solve certain classes of problems. This course will provide a firm foundation for deriving and understanding new algorithms.
Prerequisites: Two years of calculus and some knowledge of a scientific programming language (FORTRAN, C/C++, MATLAB) or consent of the instructor.

Goals of the Course:

This course is about practical ways of answering mathematical questions and then analysing how well we did. Towards this we will study:


You need 90% for an A, 85% for a B+, 80% for a B, etc. I may lower these numbers, but do not depend on it.


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