11/4 - Solutions to HW#4 are now available.

10/30 - For Lab 9, Forget #2a (zero on diagonal), for #2b and #2c, up the maximum number of iterations to 10,000, and change the right-hand side vector in #2b from b_i = 1/i to b_i = 1.

10/28 - Solutions to HW#3 are now available. I should get Labs 10-12 up later this week or early next week.

9/22 - Solutions to HW#1 are now availble (go to the HW#1 assignment). Solutions to HW#2 will be posted after class on Tuesday.

9/9 - I just updated Lab 3 so if you downloaded it early, get a new copy so you'll know the changes.

9/9 - Exam I will be on Thursday, September 25th. It will cover sections 1.1 thru 4.3 and Labs 0-3. More information later.

8/15 - Welcome to the class website. Keep checking back for updates.