Governor's School for the Sciences 2008

The Battle For Math Ninja Warrior Supremecy

Team Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Total
FuzeX32 19 - 2 33471 - 3 9 - 5 10
Lemony Lemmas 13 - 1 42581 - 7 5 - 1 9
∃!3 34 - 7 30 - 1 10 -7 15
X Factors 40 -10 67524 - 10 6 - 3 23
MCB 22 - 5 27563 - 2 5 - 2 9
TN Eulers 21 - 3 30000 - 3 12 - 10 16
(Scores show raw score - points earned, with 1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 7 pts, 3rd = 5, 4th = 3, 5th = 2, 6th = 1)

Event 1: We use them every day for peaceful means but today they were used in battle! It was the Pencil Tossing Challenge. A variety of strategies were used, some turned out more successful than others. The 'throw the pencil randomly against the wall or wherever' scheme was not as effective as one would have thought. It appeared to this reporter that once the intense 60 second challenge began most well-planned strategies were dropped and the free-for-all method was engaged.
Later participants were able to learn so the scores grew as we got to the middle of the pack. X Factors topped all with 40 points with ∃!3 second. The Eulers, expected by most to win every event in an extremely dominating fashion, came in a disappointing 4th. We won't say anything about the Lemmas.

Event 2: For the second challenge we took our clues from the fabulous brain-challenging game show: Deal or No-Deal. It was slightly modified to a team version which actually required some thought. Also there were no beautiful models holding suitcases, only 3x5 cards (I asked Ellie and she refused to dress up for the game!)
The first round had its ups and downs, especially as some of the large values were revealed early in the process. Most teams chose to open their own suitcase rather than taking an earlier deal. For the second round, everyone expected the process to have different results, and it didn't. Some large values fell early, people didn't deal and most took their initial chosen suitcase.
Consistent with the repetitive nature of the 2nd round, ∃!3 was able to match their low score of the first round (20) with as low of a score in the second (10) for a extremely low total of 30. There was not a clear leader among the others until the smoke cleared and the X Factors came out on top with a total of 67524. There was some disagreement within the TN Eulers and one team member (not to be mentioned (E.A.)) was banned from class the next day. I can't say it was a great game, but it was great fun.
This marks the X Factors 2nd win and a commanding lead in the overall competition. If nothing changes, it looks like the battle will be for 2nd place.

Event 3: In honor of the upcoming July 4th Holiday, the challenge was a number scavenger hunt. Is there anything more American? Utilizing their advanced knowledge of Ayres Hall and their willingness to stretch the rules (Is there anything more American than that?) the TN Eulers dominated scoring a perfect 12. The other teams played also and found some numbers, but all that is really important is that the TN Eulers won. There were protests and challenges and alot of whining (Is there anything more American than that?) But the judge didn't listen, and declared the obvious superiority of the TN Eulers. If you want to know the results, look at the table above.
The winning streak of the X Factors ended but they still hold first place, TN Eulers and ∃!3 are battling for second and the rest are in a tangled web looking for a way to avoid last place. Stay tuned for next weeks final event!
FuzeX32 Lemony Lemmas ∃!3 X Factors MCB TN Eulers
Feiran John Katelyn Kia Jim Dr. C
Evan Aileen Gainer Aly Linda Ellie
Jake Kristen Eddie Tim Steven The Weatherman