Math Mole Resources

MOTD & Mole Puzzles

  • Guidelines for MOTD & Puzzles:
    • For MOTD give: Birth Year and Place, Info on Early Life/Family, Education through University, Mentor(s), Position(s) held, Mathematical Accomplishments, Death Year, Any Interesting Facts or Quotes
    • For MOTD picture: you can submit one, or give me the URL, or I'll just use one from MacTutor
    • For MOTD: please give references for the sources you used
    • For Mole Puzzles: Should be mathematical; submit the solution to the Mole Judge
  • List of Mathematicians choose your MOTD (Mathematician of the Day) from this list. If there is some mathematician you want to do that is not on this list, check with Dr. Collins first.
  • MacTutor History of Mathematics archive good source for biographical info
  • Fun with Math page of links to math humor and games

Career & Math Spotlight

  • For Career: List Description, Education Needed, Work Environment, Salary and Outlook.
  • For Spotlight: Describe the math, its current status and give some references.
  • List of Careers chose from this list.
  • Careers in Mathematics (AMS) (scroll down to see links for career stuff)
  • Careers (SIAM) click on link to careers
  • List of Mathematical Topics chose from this list or let me know if you have other ideas.
  • FunFacts a great site containing interesting facts related to mathematics Math Fun Facts!
  • Mathworld a good general reference for all things mathematical

Date MOTD & Puzzles Career or Math Spotlight
M 6/9 Dr. C Dr. C
T 6/10 Dr. C Dr. C
W 6/11 Dr. C Dr. C
Th 6/12 Eddie John
F 6/13 Katelyn Linda
M 6/16 Gainer Jake
T 6/17 Dr. C Jim
W 6/18 Tim Evan
Th 6/19 Steven Feiran
F 6/20 Aileen Kristin
M 6/23 Ellie Tim W.
T 6/24 Aly Kia
W 6/25 Jim Dr. C
Th 6/26 Jake Gainer
F 6/27 Evan Tim
M 6/30 Kristin Aileen
T 7/1 Linda Katelyn
W 7/2 Feiran Steven
Th 7/3 John Eddie
M 7/7 Tim W. Ellie
T 7/8 Kia Aly
W 7/9 Dr. C Dr. C
Th 7/10 Dr. C Dr. C
F 7/11 Dr. C Dr. C