Governor's School for the Sciences 2007

The Battle For Glory

Team Event 1 Event 2 Event 3 Total
42 28 - 5 36 - 3 195 - 10 18
Asymptotes 6 - 2 18 - 10 152 - 3 15
X 37 - 10 33 - 5 175 - 7 22
LASR 30 - 7 42 - 2 171 - 5 14
WWW&W 25 - 3 31 - 7 143 - 2 12
(Scores show raw score - points earned, with 1st = 10 pts, 2nd = 7 pts, 3rd = 5, 4th = 3, 5th = 2)

Event 1: We use them every day for peaceful means but today they were used in battle! It was the Pencil Tossing Challenge. A variety of strategies were used, some turned out more successful than others. The 'throw the pencil randomly against the wall or wherever' scheme was not as effective as one would have thought. The 'let Sunny go get all the pencils while we wait' method avoided the typical crowding but did not provide a high enough PT rate to secure a victory. Since we used unsharpened pencils no participant or spectator was injured too badly. There may be sore muscles or carpet burns to deal with today.

Event 2: Since we had just finished our first exam, it seemed like a good time to do the old-style speed quiz challenge in addition and subtraction. This challenge took speed and accuracy as they completed 108 problems. In an interesting strategy for Team Asymptotes, Aeron tackled Hairan as he made his way to turn in his quiz. Fortunately there were no broken bones and no damage was done to their overall results. Team Asymptotes won with the top two scores (Jacob and Hairan) and strong performance by the rest of the team. It was a close battle for 2nd-4th but the Ws took 2nd using John and Sara's 3rd & 4th place finishes. The unofficial team of Dr. C and the Boys scored points that would have put them in 2nd place.

Team X is still in the lead overall, but every team still has a chance to win it all. Stay tuned!

Event 3: Number scavenger hunt. What else can I say. The teams covered the campus employing various strategies attempting to find the illusive single-digit, prime, unique largest number. In a foolish show of trust, the judges did not view the photos of the action; or maybe it was part of some secret master plan. Either way who wants to see fuzzy pictures of numbers? Anyway, the judges, employing the power of MATLAB quickly evaluated the numbers and made the rankings. There were obviously different strategies at play, I just can't tell what they were. It was a fairly close contest (once you recognize the superiority of DC and Da Boyz with 224 points) with only 52 point separating the first place Team 42 (195) with the last place WWW&W (143). A special note for LASR who found the largest number 980301 barely beating out Team X (980029).
42 Asymptotes X LSAR WWW&W
Chris Aeron Johnathan Andri John
David Cory Kim Luke Rachel
Katherine Hairan Philip Ridwan Sara
Nathan Jacob Taylor Stephen Sunny