Governor's School for the Sciences -- Summer 2007

Math 300 -- Introduction to Abstract Mathematics
MTWRF 1:30-4:30 in Ayres 104

Professor: Dr. Chuck Collins
Contact Info:
Office: Ayres 312B, 974-4269

Keith Langston
Hutch Brock

Course Goals: By the end of this course you should be able to

  1. Read, understand, create and write mathematical proofs
  2. Understand and work with some interesting mathematics in such areas as logic, set theory, relations, functions, graph theory, number theory, and analysis
  3. Discuss some of the nature, philosophy and history of mathematics
  4. Say you worked hard but had fun
Course Resources: Class Work: Grades: The grading scale is 90% for an A, 85% for a B+, 80% for a B, etc. Earning at least the minimum percentage will guarantee you the given grade. I may choose to lower the cutoffs, but don't depend on it. This is summer and an elective course, and I don't want the grades to be a punishment for you (or for me), so I will give you plenty of chances to maximize your grade through selective re-dos and extra credit. It will be up to you to take advantage of these opportunities.

Class Policies and Expectations