Governor's School for the Sciences 2007

Expressing the Artistic Side of Math

A collection of artistic interpretations based on math or class related events.


A Mathematical Rooster by Sara (done before GSSE)

A Mole in One by Kim


by Luke

by Luke

by Luke

by Luke

Written Work

A Math Poem by David

A Regular Day in GSSE Math

Math is like that wisp of wind
That you glimpse around the bend,
But once you reach your journey's end,
It really was just a glimps of wind.

A Report by Aeron

Tale or Truth? The Mystery of Albert Einstein

Aeron Glover, Associated Press

Amazingly, the once rendered deceased mathematician and physicist-Albert Einstein-was spotted in a native village on a remote Midway island. Thought to be dead for 52 years now, "Einstein seemed to be in moderate health!" said Jacob Drowe, the head research executive of TropCare®.

The research crew studying the behaviors of wallabies witnessed the unbelievable spectacle. Photographs of Einstein and the villagers were said to have been taken, but the local villagers supposedly ravaged the team's equipment after noticing the spying on their village. The only evidence of the scene that was confiscated was a journal of Einstein’s-the chief content depicted a make-up of a formula in which life could be sustained for abnormal lengths of time. The government has refused to relate any of the details to the public.

However, leading scientists have declared that we cannot mimic the elixir because the language in which the directions are formulated are heavily encrypted. In response to this acknowledgement, the government has appointed some of the most talented deciphers and hackers in an attempt to crack Einstein's code; nonetheless, all have failed.

(Image to be inserted later)

Many investigative groups have revisited the once remote island, in search of Einstein, but no human life has been seen. So, perhaps, as one of the researchers of TropCare® said, "Our curiosity has caused damage once again." We can only hope to someday fully uncover the underlings of this mysterious tale. However, scientists are doing far more that hoping-they want the ingredients to the elixir.

Math Mole piku (an approximation) by Nathan

The Math Mole.
Devours Me
I yearn, seek and beg
For more extra credit sought after
Its puzzles confuse me
Its mathematician
Of the Day
Taunts me constantly.
They understood these insane proofs
And created mind bending symbols!
Oh, the probably wish that
Their discoveries were better known.
To this end
To spread
Their greatest
Discoveries and Creations,
Came the Math Mole.