Governor's School for the Sciences 2006

Math 251 - Computer Work Information

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How to work the computer-based worksheets

  1. If your computer does not have a copy of the assignments in a folder CWbot on your desktop or in your documents folder, download this file and unzip it on your desktop. You'll need to do this occassionally as I update the files.
  2. Start up MATLAB.
  3. Change to the CWbot folder or whatever folder you unzipped the files into by clicking on the ... on the toolbar and browsing for the directory.
  4. Log into the system by typing checkin. Select your name and enter your password. If there is any problem, it should give you a message. If there is no message, everything is fine.
  5. Select the section you want to work on and typing probXY where X is the chapter and Y is the section number. For example, for section 2.1 you'd type prob21.
  6. Choose "New Problem" and the read what you are supposed to do. If you ever forget, you can type probXY and select "See Problem Again".
  7. Now use MATLAB to do what the problem asks. Listed next to each section below are the relevant MATLAB commands. If you don't remember what a command does, type help command or search one of the MATLAB references. There may be more than one way to get the answer.
  8. Now that you have the answer(s), make sure you put them in the format and in the right-named variable.
  9. Check the answer by typing probXY again and selecting "Check my answer". If you got it right, it will record it, otherwise you can continue to work on it unti you get it right.
  10. Repeat this process (except for the login part) until you've got the problem right 5 times. You can do more, but you can only earn a maximum of 5 points for each section.
  11. You can check your progress on the "Progress" link above.
Computer Worksheets
Section MATLAB Commands
1.1 Matrix entry: [ ] , ; {space} {return} : (i,j) ones zeros
1.2 rref eye :
1.3 + - * ^ ' trace eye size
1.4 inv eye size
1.5 rref size
1.6 inv \
1.7 NO prob17
2.1 det
3.2 norm
3.3 dot norm
4.1 dot norm
5.6 rank