Governor's School 2003 - Mathematics Elective


Do you see the patterns in all the things around you? Would you like to know how to describe, study and create these patterns? In this course, we will study the mathematics of patterns. We'll start with descriptions of patterns in sequences of numbers and in geometric designs. We'll study the properties of these patterns and then we will begin to apply what we've learned to study and create various patterns. As we study tilings, chaos and the stock market!?, we'll try to see if mathematics can show us something useful about these patterns.

The course will be a mix of theory, computation (by hand and by computer) and experimentation. You should have good algebra and general math and problem solving skills. If you know more math, we'll use more, but we'll develop most of the mathematics we need as we need it. We'll also be using computers to work out some examples and solve some problems. However, no programming experience is necessary, unless you want to write your own programs.

Course Instructor: Dr. Charles R. (Chuck) Collins (B.S., Texas A&M University; Ph.D., University of Minnesota) is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at UT, where he teaches a wide range of courses from Calculus to graduate level seminars in Numerical Analysis. His main focus is on developing mathematical models of real-world situations and then determining how to best solve the resulting problem efficiently on a computer.

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