GS 2003/Math - Collins
Lab 14


Click on this link and print out
a copy of the grids.


MATLAB has a version of Life, but Scott showed me a nicer Java
applet that we can use.  Go to
and click on the button that says "Enjoy Life"

This applet allows you to draw different configurations and then click
on "Go" to see it evolve via the rules of Life.

You can also change the rules (under "Rules").  The rules are marked as
S/B  where S are the neighborhood totals that lead to survival and B are
the neighborhood totals that lead to birth.

You can load standard Life objects (under "Open"). Some of the most basic
objects are blocks, blinkers and gliders.  You can also check out
glider guns, puffertrains and other interesting things.


1. Find the most number of blocks you can fill in on a 10x10 grid that
   form a stable configuration (i.e. number does not change as you iterate).  
   You should be able to fill in at least 36; the best possible is 54.  
   When you get your pattern, draw it in on the worksheet you printed out above,
   and turn it in.

2. Play around with life. Do Conway's original rules seem to be the best?

3. (When Done) Work on your project.  Make sure you let me or Laura know
   if you need any supplies for our workday tomorrow.