GS 2003/Math - Collins
Lab 11
Explorations of Tilings

Related Programs

All the work will be done with two other programs
Kali and Geometer's Sketchpad


To run Kali, follow this link
and click on Run the program

If you need instructions, they are online.

There's no assignment, just play around with the different symmetries
and see what kind of interesting patterns you can create.
It might be helpful for the homework, or maybe not!

Geometer's Sketchpad

This is a program on the computer under Math Programs (if not
then it is in it's own separate folder, maybe labeled 'Sketchpad')

Download the following files and check them out.  Most are 
related to the notes on tilings.  Just start the program
and load the files and play around with them.

A pattern
A pattern
A pattern
A pattern
Theorem 4
Theorem 5
Theorem 6
Theorem 7
More of Theorem 7