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Day Topic Lab/Lecture PPT
Mon Jun 16 Introductions; Number Patterns; Polynomial Interpolation Lab 1 Lecture
Tue Jun 17 Periodic Patterns; Fourier Transform Lab 2 Lecture
Wed Jun 18 Field Trip to Smoky Mountains No Lab
Thu Jun 19 Relative Number Patterns; Discrete Dynamical Systems Lab 3 Lecture
Fri Jun 20 Nonlinear Dynamics; Periodicity and Chaos Lab 4 Lecture
Mon Jun 23 Letter Patterns; Ciphers Lab 5 Lecture
Tue Jun 24 Advanced Codes; Jefferson's and Hill Ciphers Lab 6 Lecture
Wed Jun 25 Field Trip to Oak Ridge No Lab
Thu Jun 26 System Dynamics; Markov Processes Lab 7 Lecture
Fri Jun 27 Geometric Patterns; Plane Transformations Lab 8 Lecture
Hotel Infinity
Mon Jun 30Fractal Patterns from Recursion Lab 9 Lecture
Tue Jul 1 Fractal Patterns from Randomness; Iterated Function Systems Lab 10 Lecture
Wed Jul 2 More Geometric Patterns; Tilings Lab 11 Lecture
Thu Jul 3 Tilings II Lab 12 Lecture
Fri Jul 4 No Class No Lab
Mon Jul 7 Cellular Automata Lab 13 Lecture
Tue Jul 8 Cellular Automata Lab 14 Lecture
Wed Jul 9 Project Work Day Fun Labs: Orbits
Thu Jul 12 Project Presentations No Lab
Fri Jul 13 Final Challenges; Awards; Party No Lab

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