Team Information

Four Teams

Tri-Lambda (Trevor, Eric, Byron)

Archimedians (Ryan, Daniel, James)

American Pi (Logan, Brandon, Michael, Ben)

Fig Newton (Nathaniel, Adrian, Jon, Clare)

Team Standings and Quiz Bowl Results

Team Quiz Bowl Points Activity Points Pop Points Total
Tri-Lambda 62 8 17 87.0
Archimedians 80.7 6 0.8 87.5
American Pi 79 20 13.1 112.1
Fig Newton 91.4 17 5.9 114.3
Archimedians d. Tri-Lambda 7-6
Fig Newton d. Apple Pi 9-8
Fig Newton d. Archimedians 10-6
In Treasure Hunt: 1st - Apple Pie (5), 2nd - Tri-Lambda (3) , 3rd - Fig Newtons (2) , 4th - Archimedians (1)
Tri-Lambdas d. American Pi (was Apple Pi), 11-4
Fish Logic: 5 Points earned by Fig Newtons (Nathaniel, Adrian and Clare), Archimedians (James) and American Pi (Ben), Tri-Lambda (Trevor)
Exam Logic: 5 pts earned by Fig Newtons (Adrian), American Pi (Ben)
Chess Logic: 5 pts earned by American Pi (Ben), Fig Newtons (Nathaniel)
American Pi d. Archimedians 10-9
Fig Newton tied Tri-Lambda 9-9
American Pi donated 60 pop tabs
First Round of the Quiz Tournament: American Pi (0 points), Fig Newton (18), Tri-Lambda (5), Archimedians (18)
American Pi donated another 30 pop tabs
Second Round of the Quiz Tournament: American Pi (14), Fig Newton (18), Tri-Lambda (12), Archimedians (10)
Final Round of the Quiz Tournament: First there was a mad rush for pop tops with the Tri-Lams bringing in 170, the Figgers 59, Am Pi 41 and Arch 8
then the tournament came down to the final question and Fig Newton having the lead, the right answer and the right bet, won it all with 114.3 points.
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Last Updated: July 16, 2001