Governor's School 2001 - Mathematics Elective

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Day Topic Handouts/Lab Stuff
Mon Jun 18 Class Introductions; Matrix Basics; MATLAB Basics Lab 1
Tue Jun 19 More about Matrices; Programming in MATLAB Lab 2
Wed Jun 20 Field Trip to the Smoky Mountains: Hike to Laurel Falls, Play at Metcaff Bottoms
Students pickup behind Dorm at 9:15
No Lab
Thu Jun 21 Modular Arithmetic; Ciphers Lab 3
Fri Jun 22 Hill Ciphers Lab 4
Mon Jun 25 Introduction to Graphics Treasure Hunt (No Lab)
Tue Jun 26 More Graphics; Homogeneous Coordinates Lab 5
Wed Jun 27 Field Trip to American Museum of Science and Energy
Students pickup behind Dorm at 11:00
No Lab
Thu Jun 28 Fractals I, Iterated Systems Lab 6
Fri Jun 29 Fractals II, Random Action
Photo at 4:30 SMC
Lab 7
More Cross Sums
Mon Jul 2 Fractals III, Nonlinear Action Lab 8
Tue Jul 3 Difference Equations Lab 9
Wed Jul 4 Independence Day Holiday (No Class) No Lab
Thu Jul 5 Difference Equations; Probability; Leslie and Markov Lab 10
Fri Jul 6 Markov Chains: Games, Diseases and Rumors Lab 11
Mon Jul 9 Brief Trip to Infinity Hotel; Game Theory
Story about the famous Infinity Hotel
Lab 12
Tue Jul 10 Solving Games Lab 13
Wed Jul 11 Field Trip to The Cove (11:30 Pick Up) No Lab
Thu Jul 12 Movie No Lab
Fri Jul 13 Party and Awards (Pictures)

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