Governor's School 2000 - Math Elective Schedule
This list presents what was covered and (hopefully) predicts what will be covered in the future.

Date Topic Handouts/Labs
Mon Jun 19 Class Introductions; Introduction to Modelling
Properties: Purpose, Flexibility, Accuracy, Resolution, Cost, Sensitivity
Lab 1 Introduction to MATLAB
Tue Jun 20 The Modelling Process; Least Squares Fit
Real World vs. Math World
Lab 2 Least Squares Approximations
Wed Jun 21 Compartment Model; Difference Equations (DEs)
Blood Alcohol Levels
Thu Jun 22 Solving DEs Lab 3 Difference Equations
Solution to Challenge
Fri Jun 23 Systems of DEs Lab 4 Systems of Difference Equations
Mon Jun 26 Systems of DEs: solving and equilibrium Lab 5 Data Gathering for Chaos
Tue Jun 27 Nonlinear DEs; Chaos and Fractals Lab 6 Chaos and Fractals
Wed Jun 28 Game Theory; Basic Properties Lab 7 Game Strategies
Thu Jun 29 Finding Optimal Strategies; Linear Programming NO LAB (Homework: analyzing Risk)
Fri Jun 30 Markov Processes Lab 8 Markov Process for Risk
Mon Jul 3 More Markov Processes; Small Group Projects NO OFFICIAL LAB (just Small Group Projects)
Wed Jul 5 Field Trip to American Museum of Science and Energy
Students pickup behind Humes at 10:45
Thu Jul 6 Last bit about Markov Processes (Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors)
Functions and Proportionality
Finish Small Group Projects from Monday;
Results for Best of Seven
Results for Cootie
Results for Risk
Fri Jul 7 Functions and Waves; Fourier Series Lab 9 Building Functions
Mon Jul 10 Waves and Music; Fourier Transform Lab 10 Fast Fourier Transform; Signal Processing
Tue Jul 11 Motion: Gravity and Drag Lab 11 Projectile Motion
Wed Jul 12 Field Trip to a Field for Study of Round and Flying Objects
and the Digestion of Carbohydrates and other Semi-Nutrional Elements;
Actually we went to a park, ate, threw apples at innocent kids; went to the mall and spent our parent's money and tried unsuccessfully to sneak into Shaft; and ate ice cream.
Thu Jul 13 Motion: Orbits Lab 12 Orbits
Fri Jul 14 Fun and Games Final Thoughts

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Last Updated: June 15, 2000