GS 2000/Math - Collins
Lab 11
Projectile Motion

In this lab we will use the Projectile Motion Simulator to 
study the motion of an object under the effects of
the forces of gravity and of drag.

Download the Simulator

   Startup MATLAB.

   Click on the link for shotsim.m

   You can either use "Save As..." to save this in the work folder,
   or copy and paste it into a MATLAB m-file and save it in the
   work folder.  The name must be shotsim.m

Running the Simulator

   Just type


   and you will get a window with a area for a graph and several fields
   and buttons at the bottom.  To run a simulation, fill in the values
   for the fields and then click on "Fire!".  After a brief calculation
   you will see the results on the graph.

   The title will show the Range (distance travelled in the x-direction)
   and Total Flight Time.

   Try the Simulator with various values.  See what the difference
   is when drag is included and when it is not. (Use Drag values of
   0.05 or less).

   Try the Cartoon Effect: set the Drag to 0.2, then the path is
   almost like the effect of gravity you see in cartoons.

   For more fun, set the Drag to 0.1 and the Wind to -10.

Assignment: Accuracy and Distance

   The Accuracy Challenge is to reach a range of exactly 100 ft. under
   various conditions: (If a value is not specified, you can adjust it
   to reach the desired range)

   a.  Drag = 0, Wind = 0 
   b.  Y0 = 100, Drag = 0, Wind = 0
   c.  Drag = 0.01, Wind = 0
   d.  Y0 = 100, Drag = 0.01, Wind = -10

   The Distance Challenge is to see how far you can fire under various
   conditions.  You can only adjust the Angle:

   For all of these, take Y0 = 100 and Veloctiy = 100.

   a. Drag = 0, Wind = 0
   b. Drag = 0, Wind = -10
   c. Drag = 0.01, Wind = 0
   d. Drag = 0.01, Wind = -10

   Mail me the
   values you used for each case BEFORE YOU LEAVE TODAY.
Last Modified: July 11, 2000