GS 2000/Math - Collins
Lab 1
Introduction to MATLAB

Starting Up, Help and Diary 

 a. From Windows: Go under the Start menu and select
    MATLAB 5.3 under the Programs/Matlab menu.  

 b. From CS account:  First, you need to have /usr/local/matlab/bin
    in your path. To make it part of your path, go to your home directory 
    and edit the .cshrc file.  You will see a statement like 
    set path =( ....  Copy one of the other lines and change it to 
    read as: /usr/local/matlab/bin 

    When you are done, type source .cshrc to make it active.

    Note: for now, the window you did this in is the only window you
    can run MATLAB in.  For each window you want to run MATLAB in,
    you need to type source ~/.cshrc in that window.  This will
    automatically be done the next time you login.  

    To enter the MATLAB environment, type matlab

 c. To exit, type quit or exit or choose Exit from
    the file menu (if available)

 d. At the MATLAB prompt (>>), type:
    and click on Autoplay for a fast show, to get an idea 
    what MATLAB looks like. 

 e. Getting help.
    MATLAB has several built-in help commands:

    i. If you know the name of the command you can use
          help command-name
       for example, type
          help magic

    ii. To search for commands by function, you can use the
        help window, type
        and then double-click on any topic to get a list of 
        relevant commands

    iii. For general MATLAB information you can use the help desk.
         This brings up a browser window and gives access to information
         about commands, programming, etc.  Type

         Click on Getting Started for some general information.

         Work through a few pages of the Getting Started tutorial.  
         Put the browser on one side of the screen and the window 
         running MATLAB on the other and try out a few commands.

         Try out the following areas:

          Matrices and Magic Squares 
          Working with Matrices
          The Command Window

  f. You can keep a transcript of you MATLAB activities with the diary
     command.  Type:
	help diary   to learn about it.

Startup MATLAB and start working through the handout: MATLAB Tutorial