About the Logo

This is a quasiconformal mapping of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park into the unit disk (the Poincare disk model for hyperbolic geometry). The original data was obtained from the US Geological Survey National Elevation Dataset (NED) and consisted of over 270,000 data points (representing X,Y location and elevation). After reducing the number of points to a more manageable 3033 points, we created a triangulation of the data (5863 faces) and used CirclePack to construct the quasiconformal mapping. The logo shows the three layers: circles, triangles (connecting the centers of the circles), and the color-coded surface.

We encourage you to download the data set and construct your own image to bring to the conference. The file is ascii, has the number of vertices, the (X,Y,Z) coordinates of the vertices, the number of triangles, and the vertices that make up each triangle (numbered from 1). There are two reference vertices: #3029 is Townsend (site of our conference) and #1056 is Clingman's Dome (the highest point in the park). In our image, Townsend is at the bottom and Clingman's Dome is in the center.

Below we have some other images we've done of the data set. Enjoy!

Raw Data

Hyperbolic Map

Mapped to a Rectangle

Mapped to a Triangle (Townsend at top)