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T 12:40-1:30 in BAS 135 (w/Bly)

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TW 3:30-4:30 in Ayres 326

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Ayres G012
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F: 9am-3pm

Hodges North Commons
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Test Review Materials

Test 1
Skills Checklist

Problem Solving Practice
Problem Hints
Problem Solutions
Test 2
Skills Checklist

Problem Solving Practice
Problem Hints
Problem Solutions

Internet Videos

Test 1
Fri 8/25
Introduction to Limits
One-Sided Limits Intro
A Graphical Limit Example
Another Graphical Limit Example
A Limit via Substitution
Limits at Asmptotes Intro
A Limit at an Asymptote
Another Limit at an Asmpytote
Mon 8/28
Limit Laws
Limits and Continuity
Discontinuity Example
Wed 8/30
Function/Continuity Example(s)
More Function/Continuity Example(s)
Continuity on an Interval
Piecewise Functions & Continuity
Fri 9/1
Limit in 0/0 Case w/Factoring
Limit in 0/0 Case w/Rationalizing
Squeeze Theorem
Limit of sin(x)/x as x-->0
Example Limit using sin(x)/x as x-->0 Fact
Wed 9/6
Limit [(1-cos(x))/x] as x-->0
Limits as x-->Infty
More Limits as x-->Infty
Horizontal Asymptotes and Limits
Fri 9/8
Finding a Limit as x-->Infty
More Finding a Limit as x-->Infty
A Limit as x-->Infty Involving a Sqrt
Mon 9/11
Intermediate Value Theorem
Example using Intermediate Value Theorem
Test 2
Wed 9/13
Average Rate of Change
Calculating Average Velocity/Speed
Instantaneous Rate of Change Example
Fri 9/15
Into to Derivative
Example using Derivative
Mon 9/18
Power Rule
Other dy/dx Rules
Wed 9/20
Equation of a Tangent Line
What is Differentiability
Differentiability at a Point Example
Sketching f'(x) given f(x)
Matching a Graph of f(x) to a Graph of f'(x)
Fri 9/22
Product Rule for Derivatives
Quotient Rule for Derivatives
Finding the Equation of a Tangent Line
Mon 9/25
When Instantaneous Slopes are Inc/Dec
Wed 9/27
Taking a Second Derivative
Getting a Feel for the 2nd Deriv
Relating Pos/Vel/Acc with Derivatives
Fri 9/29
Derivative of sin(x) and cos(x)
Derivative of tan(x) and cot(x)
Derivative of sec(x) and csc(x)
Mon 10/2
Derivative of Product of Three Functions
Chain Rule
Chain Rule Example
Wed 10/4
Another Example Using Chain Rule
Yet Another Example Using Chain Rule
An Example Using Chain Rule Twice Over
Mon 10/9
Test 3
Wed 10/11
Implicit Differentiation
An Example Using Implicit Differentiation
Fri 10/13
Finding f'' using Implicit Differentiation
Derivative of Inverse Sine
Derivative of Invere Tangent
Mon 10/16
Derivative of ln(x) from d/dx(e^x)
Logarithmic Differentiation Intro
Derivative Example involving log function
Logarithmic Differentiation - Complicated Example