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T 2:10-3:25 in Ayres 123

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F: 9am-3pm

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Test 1
Topic Outline
Solutions to Outline Exercises

Timed Practice (50min)
Solutions to Timed Practice
Test 2
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Timed Practice (50min)
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Internet Videos

Test 1
Fri 8/25
Absolute Value as a Distance from Zero
Distributive Property
Inequalities, Interval Notation, and the Number Line
Adding/Subtracting Fractions
Distance between Two Numbers
Mon 8/28
Exponent Introduction
A Number to the Zeroth Power
Exponent Properties
Negative Exponents
Some Exponent Examples
Radicals Introduction
Tue 8/29
Radicals & Fractional Exponents
Adding Radicals
Rationalizing Denominators
Wed 8/30
Multiplying Multiple Term Expressions
More Multiplying with Multiple Terms
Factoring a Common Factor
Factoring x^2+Ax+B
Factoring Ax^2+Bx+C
Fri 9/1
(1.3, 1.4)
Factoring A^2-B^2
Factoring A^3+B^3
Factoring A^3-B^3
Tue 9/5
Multiplying Rational Expressions
Dividing Rational Expressions
Wed 9/6
Solving Equations of Degree 1
A Degree 1 Equation w/Many Variables
Solving Equations of Degree 2 by Factoring
Fri 9/8
How to Complete the Square
Solving Equations of Degree 2 by Comp the Sq
The Quadratic Formula
Mon 9/11
Solving Inequalities Intro
A Linear Inequality Example
Compound Inequalities
Absolute Value Inequality Intro
An Absolute Value Inequality Example
Tues 9/12
(1.8, 1.9)
A Quadratic Inequality
Another Quadratic Inequality
The Coordinate Plane
Sketching Graphs of Solutions to Equations
Distance between Two Points in XY-plane
Wed 9/12
(1.9, 1.10)
Equation of a Circle in Standard Form
Completing the Square to Find a Circle Equation
Intro to Slope of a Line
More on Slope of a Line
x- and y-intercepts of a Graph
Fri 9/14
Horizontal & Vertical Lines
Slope-intercept Form of an Equation of a Line
Equation of a Line from Slope and a Point
Equation of a Line from Two Points
Test 2
Wed 9/20
Introduction to Functions
Evaluating a Function at a Number
Evaluating a Function at an Expression
More Evaluating a Function at an Expression
Finding Domain of a Function
More Domain of Function Examples
Mon 9/25
Determining if a Graph is or isn't a Function
Graphing a Function (by Plotting Points)
Graphing a Piecewise Function
Tue 9/26
Domain and Range from a Graph
Intervals a Function is Increasing/Decreasing
Finding Relative Maximums/Minimums
Wed 9/27
Shifting Graphs of Functions
Reflecting Functions
Fri 9/29
Graphing Shifted Functions
Mon 10/2
Adding Functions
Subracting Functions
Multiplying Functions
Dividing Functions
Composing Functions
Tue 10/3
Intro to Inverse Functions
Inverse Functions from a Table
Finding an Inverse Function
Finding an Inverse Function (Fractional Function)
Graphing an Inverse Function
Wed 10/4
Graphing Linear Functions
Completing the Square to Graph Parabolas
Sketching Polynomials as x-->inf (or -inf)
Mon 10/9
Polynomial Long Division
Tue 10/10
Graphing Factored Polynomials
Asymptotes of Rational Functions
Finding y-intercepts
Finding x-intercepts
Graphing Rational Functions
Test 3
Mon 10/16
Exponential Function & Graphing
Shifting/Reflecting Exponential Function Graphs
More Shifting/Reflecting Exp Function Graphs
Domain and Range of Expoential Functions
Tue 10/17
The number e
Wed 10/18
Graphing a Logarithm Function
Shifting/Reflecting Logarithm Graphs