Ibrahim H. Aslan

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  •   Early Detection of Leptospirosis in Human
Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease with a worldwide distribution. The disease manifestations might range from mild, subclinical to a severe potentially fatal. Since mild, uncharacteristic signs and symptoms of fever, headache and muscle pain often are confused with other likely disease that are not recognized and reported as leptospirosis, the number of mild cases is unknown. Recent estimates on severe leptospirosis, with complications such as hepatorenal failure and (lung)haemorrhagic complaints mostly requiring hospitalization, indicate 1 million cases annually, about 60,000 running a fatal cause, presenting a burden of Around 3 million DALYs.

  •  Epidemiology of Leptospirosis in Cattle
We are considering a SIVR model of Leptospirosis for livestock cows. Since Leptospirosis has diferent consequences for juvenile and adult cows, we prefer to have an age structured model. Imagine a hypothetical farm in which juvenile and adult cows live together and they are gathered up every six months in order to vaccine and count them. All the animals are vaccinated no matter whether they are infected or healthy. The farm management wants to keep the number of animals in the farm constant as possible as, so new juvenile cows are brought into the farm every six months to adjust for diseases death. The infection occur through contact with infected animals, or through environment with urine from shedding infected cows.

     Last update 08/17/2017