Ibrahim H. Aslan  

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Ibrahim H. Aslan
1516 GreenBrier Ridge Way
Knoxville, TN, 37909

The university of Delaware, DE, The U. S.
Language school in ELI
Graduation Date June 2014
GPA : 3.5

The University of Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey
Master of Science in Applied Mathematics
Graduation Date: August 2011
Major GPA: 3.52

The University of Mersin,  Mersin, Turkey
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics           
Graduation Date: June 2009
Major GPA: 2.75

  •       Ph. D scholarships from Turkish Ministry of National Education 


  • The University of Gaziantep in Department of Mathematics            February 20010- August 2011                                                                        
                   Teaching Assistant                                                             Gaziantep, Turkey

  •            Turkish Ministry of National Education Center      September 2009-Januray 2010 Math Teacher                                                              SANLIURFA, Turkey

    Manage a classroom of 50 students
    Support students and encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities
    Conduct lectures and presentations from experts to help them understand their study materials better and also to help them decide their career paths
    Genuine passion towards learning new things and adapting with modern times
    Introduced innovation and creativity in teaching modules to make learning an enjoyable experience for students
    Managed a classroom of 40 students and provided personal attention to each


The University of Tennessee Knoxville

     Teaching Assistance                                                                  August  2015-

     Last update 08/17/2017