Ibrahim H. Aslan

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Ibrahim H. Aslan
Ayres Hall 1403 Drive., Knoxville, TN, 37996-1320
(865) 974-3828 |aslan@math.utk.edu


  • University of Tennessee                                                      Knoxville, TN                        May 2019
          Ph.D. of Science in Mathematics
           Subfield:  Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
           Advisor: Prof. Suzanne Lenhart
           Minor in Computer science

  • University of Tennessee                                                   Knoxville, TN                         May 2017
          Master of Science in Mathematics

  • University of Delaware                                                      Newark, DE                         June 2014
          Learning Academic Level English at English Language Institute  

  • Gaziantep University                                                      Gaziantep, Turkey                   July 2011
          Master of Science in Mathematics
          Subfield: Applied Mathematics
          Advisor: Prof. Abdullah Kablan

  • Mersin University                                                            Mersin, Turkey                       June 2009
          Bachelor of Science in Mathematics       


    • Working with a group of 15 professionals from different areas
    • Creating new connection among different science fields
       Problem approximation
    • Approaching the problem with mathematical skill and creating a new mathematical model for the problem
    • Finding the best algorithm regarding the problem
    • Chair for a conference. Leading a section of 15 professionals
    • Attending multiple national and international conferences


  • University of Tennessee                                        Knoxville, TN          August 2015–August 2016
          Graduate Teaching Asssitance
    • Recitation Basic Calculus
    • Recitation Differential Equation l
    • Reciation Calculus ll
          Primary Instructor
    • Statistical reasoning

  •  Gaziantep University                                           Gaziantep, Turkey                 Sept 2010- July 2011
    • Manage a classroom of 50 students
    • Support students and encourage them to participate in extra-curricular activities
    • Conduct lectures and presentations from experts to help them understand their study materials better and also to help them decide their career paths

  • Ministry of National Education                              Sanliurfa, Turkey                Sept 2009- Jan 2010
          High-School Math Teacher 
    • Genuine passion towards learning new things and adapting with modern times
    • Introduced innovation and creativity in teaching modules to make learning an enjoyable experience for students
    • Managed a classroom of 40 students and provided personal attention to each



    • Ph.D scholarships from Turkish Ministry of National Education
    • Teaching assistantship from University of Tennessee
    • Summer research assistantship from National Institute for Mathematical and Biological Synthesis  
    • Honor ungraduated reward from Mersin university


    • Teaching
    • Programing language ; Matlab, R, C++
    • Speaking three languages ; English, Turkish, Kurdish
    • Play musical instrument

    • The president of Turkish Student Association at UTK             May 2015-
    • Social event coordinator for SIAM UTK                                   July 2016-              




    • ICAAA 2011 international conference on Applied Analysis and Algebra, Istanbul/ Turkey June 28, July 2.
    • 8 Th. Daily Ankara conference, June 6- June 8, Ankara/ Turkey
    • Joint mathematics meeting 2017 June 4 -7  Atlanta, GA, U.S. 
    • 37 Th. Southeastern –Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations, 2017 Oct. 7-8, Atlanta, GA. A vaccine model of Leptospirosis in Cattle,  Session 1C
    Session chair
    • 37 Th. Southeastern –Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations, 2017 Oct. 7-8, Atlanta, GA, Session 1C

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