Ibrahim H. Aslan

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I am a Ph.D  candidate in Department of Mathematics at  University of Tennessee, Knoxville .

I am interrested in mathematical modeling of biological  processes by using Dynamical system and Stochastic process. In addition Optimal control theory is an other field I am working in

My Ph.D. work is involving a stochastic process model for early detection of Leptospirosis and Epidemiology of Leptospirosis in Cattle.

Leptospirosis represents an emerging public health problem worldwide. It is a zoonosis caused by bacteria that belongs to the Leptospira genus. Early diagnosis of leptospirosis is essential since antibiotic therapy provides greatest benefit when initiated early in the course of illness. My goal is to find an optimal stragey in order to maximize the number of Early detected Leptospirosis patients showing up at a hospital while minimizing the overall cost.
Vaccine provide temprary protection to cattle so it is recommended vaccination every six months, our goal is to find optimal vaccination schedule for a cattle farm in order to prevent infection among cattles


Office:  Ayres Hall 209

Phone:  865 974 3828

Department of Mathematics
University of Tennessee, Ayres Hall
1403 Circle Drive
Knoxville, TN 37996-1320

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