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Putnam Recent Announcements

Based on research into mutually convenient time slots, the Putnam training this semester will be organized as follows:

(1) There will be a separate training for "Putnam seniors", defined preliminarily as former Putnam participants with two-digit point scores or repeated Putnam participants. For the beginning, this class will be targeted primarily at finite mathematics issues, and Nikolay Brodskiy will handle this class. At the same time, Putnam seniors may choose to contact me with questions on an individual basis. The timing and scheduling for them will need to be discussed yet.

(2) The rest will be called "Putnam juniors", just to have a specific label. Individuals may reclassify or double-classify themselves if they choose so. So the delimitation is primarily a matter of organization, not one of privilege.

(3) The Putnam junior class will meet Monday 4:35pm. Probably till 6pm, but we'll be somewhat flexible here. I'll be in charge of this class for the time being. We may swap instructors later in the semester. Room to be announced. In case of doubt, visit my office and find the room posted there.

(4) At the organizational meeting last week we discussed the following problem, taken from Putnam 1996 (57th), A1. Those who could not attend may want to study it individually and ask for clarification as needed, or else skip it. Next class will not depend on the problem.

#57 A1: Find the least number A such that for any two squares of combined area 1, a rectangle of area A exists such that the two squares can be packed into that rectangle (without the interiors of the squares overlapping). You may assume that the sides of the squares will be parallel to the sides of thhe rectangle.

We will begin studying some calculus related problems, namely problems 3,4,15,16,17,22 from Pavlos Tzermias' problem list (downloadable from UT campus only at problems.pdf) ; I'll bring in a hardcopy. A few more Putnam problems along calculus lines will be studied. (Those who enjoyed series last semester will find that this semester covers differennt material.) Then we'll begin to study inequalities.


last updated: December 2015

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