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Calculator Information

The Mathematics Department highly recommends the TI-83/84 or TI 83+/84+ calculator for classes for which a graphing calculator is useful or necessary. While other calculators may be used with your instructor's permission, instructors and tutorial center staff may not be able to provide help on how to use them. Help concerning use of the TI-83 (and possibly similar calculators such as the TI-86) may be obtained in the Math Tutorial Center. Use of calculators with advanced alpha-numeric capabilites, such as the TI-89, is forbidden unless express permission by the instructor is obtained.

Information for specific courses is listed below:

Calculator and Online Homework Policies for Lower Division Courses

  • Math 113—Any type of calculator is allowed except for cell phone calculators and devices that connect to the internet.

  • Math 115—A graphing calculator is required. The TI-83+/84+ is recommended. Devices with internet capability are prohibited.

  • Math 119—A calculator is not required, and no calculators are allowed on tests or quizzes, but a calculator may be used to check homework done outside of class.

  • Math 123—A graphing calculator is required and may be used throughout the entire course. The TI-83+/84+ is recommended. Calculators with advanced alpha-numeric capabilities such as the TI-89 or NSpire CAS are prohibited. Devices with internet capability are prohibited.

  • Math 125— A scientific non-graphing calculator is required. Graphing calculators, cell phone calculators and devices with internet capability are prohibited.

  • Math 130—A scientific non-graphing calculator is required for the course, however, no calculators will be allowed on the final exam. Use of cell phone calculators, graphing calculators and devices with internet capability is prohibited.


last updated: January 2015

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