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Travel Policies and Forms


Download travel forms here:


Comparison fares must be obtained on the same day and from the same source as the actual ticket purchased.  Below are instructions for the recommended way to do this:

  1. Do a fare search with Google Flights on the same day for both itineraries.
  2. Take a screen shot that shows the “Best Fares” for both itineraries. The screen shot should include the date on your computer.

The comparison fare is the lowest “Best Fare” shown on the screenshot, and that is the maximum that will be reimbursed (plus any approved baggage or seat charges, which must be separated in the receipt that you submit).  Google Flights “Best Fares” attempts to strike a balance among fare, convenience, and other factors, but if you have concerns about the itinerary for the comparison fare (for example it has too many or close connections relative to the actual itinerary you choose) then contact Amanda Worsham or work with World Travel prior to purchasing the ticket.  If you record your comparison fare in any other way, then it must have all the required elements or you may not be fully reimbursed.

Long-term visitors (more than 1 month) may want to consider UT Knoxville's Off-Campus Housing Service.

  1. Travel forms (requests or expenses) need to be submitted to Amanda Worsham.
  2. Make sure you fill out the correct forms:
    1. Travel Request (when you are going on the trip)
    2. Travel Expense (when you return and want reimbursements)
  3. Travel request: person processing will need the following:
    1. The purpose of your trip.
    2. All destinations of your trip, including personal.
    3. If you are giving a talk, the title of your talk.
    4. The amount of your estimated travel expenses.
    5. Time and date of your departure and return.
    6. List any accompanying travelers.
    7. What accounts(s) your expenses should be charged to or if you are requesting departmental funds.
    8. If requesting funding from the department, you must attach a quote of the airfaire (economy).
    9. A hard copy of the website page for the conference you will be attending.
    10. Inform us if your expenses will be reimbursed from your host.
    11. Inform us if you have applied for financial assistance from any other source.
    12. If you are traveling for an NSF grant, tell us how the trip will benefit you and NSF.
  4. Timeline for filling out travel requests:
    • Domestic travel - 2 weeks
    • Foreign travel - 5 weeks
  5. Travel expense: Person processing will need the following:
    1. Receipts for all airfare and lodging, even if you are not claiming reimbursement.
    2. Receipts for everything you are claiming as an expense:
      1. If the receipt is not 8.5 inches by 11 inches, please put each receipt on a separate sheet of paper.
      2. Describe each item on the receipt.
    3. Note which meals were provided if claiming meals per diem.
    4. The amount you will be reimbursed from your host (in American dollars).
    5. You do not have to have a receipt for anything under $50, but it is strongly encouraged. If you do not have a receipt, you still need to describe the charge (example - taxi, train, etc.).

Even if you are going on a trip that will have no cost to UT, you must fill out a travel request form per department policy.

Please be as thorough and complete as possible. Many of you are doing a great job with travel, thank you for your cooperation. However, it still helps to make sure everything is in order when you hand in the paperwork.



last updated: November 2017

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