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Mathematics Staff Career Development Support

Request Guidelines:

  1. The department will support trips for staff members to attend career development conference/workshop, but funding is limited to a maximum funds of $1,500 in any two-year period. Currently, our departmental operating funds do not include career development support for staff. Hence, the department will only support trips to conferences/workshops that will provide an advanced training directly related to the staff member's current and potential responsibilities in the Mathematics Department. The conference/workshop provide a significant benefit to the individual's current position and to the Mathematics Department's mission as whole. Request will be carefully assessed to ensure that these conditions are met. These guidelines excludes travel recruiting purposes.
  2. Since the Departmental funds are limited, the following factors will be considered during the approval process:
    • National recognition of sponsors/organizers
    • Recommendation by the University of Tennessee or affiliated peer groups/and or organizations
    • Partial support from the sponsors/organizers


Requests should be routed first through the Business Manager for budget review, and tracking purposes. To ensure the request meets the departmental requirements, the process should start with an email to the Business Manager with the following information:
  • Detailed budget estimate (lodging, registration, transportation, meals per diem, etc.)
  • Conference/Workshop information, including website, invitation (if available), and program, etc.
  • Other sources of funding (if available, this could be sharing lodging with other participants, and etc.)
  • Justification concerning the relationship between the conference/workshop and current responsibilities in the department
  • Benefits/impacts of the conference/workshop
Requests with proper documentation will be forwarded to the Department Head for final review and approval.
Please note: With the exception of reducing food per diems in the budget, staff members may not use personal funds for any expenses for professional development trips.

Request Form

last updated: December 2018

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