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Seminars and Colloquiums
for the week of September 8, 2014


Ms. Rebecca Pettit, Monday
Mr. Vajira Manathunga, Monday
Prof. Xia Chen, Tuesday
Prof. Horst Behncke, University of Osnabruck, Germany, Thursday

Monday, September 8

TIME: 12:20 - 1:10 p.m.
ROOM: Hesler 427
SPEAKER: Ms. Rebecca Pettit
TITLE:  Introduction to biochemical kinetics (chapter 2 of new Edelstein-Keshet and Segel book)

TIME: 2:30 - 3:20 p.m.
ROOM: Ayres 113
SPEAKER: Mr. Vajira Manathunga
TITLE: The Conway polynomial and amphicheirality
ABSTRACT: Detecting chirality is one of main question in knot theory. For this end, various methods have been developed in past. The polynomial invariants like Jones, HOMFLYPT, Kauffman are the most prominent methods among them. Even though Conway polynomial unable to detect chirality, we can still use it to detect chirality of a knot up to certain extent. In this talk we summarize our work on the following conjecture.

Conjecture: If K is an amphicheiral knot then there is a polynomial F such that C(z)C(iz)C(z^2)=F^2
Where F\in Z_4(z^2) , C(z) is the Conway polynomial of knot K  and i = \sqrt{-1}

Tuesday, September 9

TIME: 2:10 – 3:25 p.m.
ROOM: Ayres 112
SPEAKER: Prof. Xia Chen, UTK
TITLE:  Asymptotics for the principle eigenvalue of N-body problem: a large deviation approach. Part 2
ABSTRACT: The N-body problem is described by a Nd-dimensional Schrodinger operator with the potential that symbols a pairwise interaction among N particles in the space. One of the central topics in N-body problem is the spectral structure of the Schrodinger operator for its relevance to the energy quantification of the system. In this talk, we shall represent an asymptotic behavior of the principle eigenvalue of the Schrodinger operator as the number of the particles increases and the mass of each particle shrinks. Our proof is probabilistic and is relevant to Donsker-Varadhan large deviation principle.

The talk is based an on-going project collaborated with Tuoc Van Phan and Tadele Mengesha.

Thursday, September 11

TIME: 2:10 - 3:00 p.m.
ROOM: Ayres 113
SPEAKER: Prof. Horst Behncke, University of Osnabruck, Germany
HOST: Profs. Lenhart and Hinton
TITLE: Optimal control and analysis of a fishery model with harvest


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