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Seminars and Colloquiums
for the week of September 7, 2015


Eddie Tu, Tuesday
Steve Wise, Tuesday
Maya Chhetri, Thursday
Kokum DeSilva & Ibrahim Aslan, Friday
Andrew Starnes, Friday
Anthony Mezzacappa, Friday

Tuesday September 8

TITLE: The Probabilistic Symbol for Continuous – Time Markov Processes, part 2
TIME: 2:10 pm
ROOM: Ayres 112
ABSTRACT: We continue with last week’s talk on using pseudo-differential operators and symbols to analyze continuous-time Markov processes. This week, we will look at an application of these analytic tools to study certain stochastic differential equations, the solutions of which are Markov processes.

TITLE: Stability and Convergence of Numerical Methods for Two-Phase Diffuse Interface Flow Problems
TIME: 3:35 -4:25pm
ROOM: Ayres 110
SPEAKER: Steve Wise
ABSTRACT: Abstract: I will describe some first- and second-order-in-time finite element and finite difference methods for a class of diffuse interface flow models. I will then describe the techniques to prove the stability and convergence of such methods as the time and space step sizes are reduced.

Thursday September 10

TITLE: Asymptotically linear systems
ROOM: Ayres 114
SPEAKER: Maya Chhetri
ABSTRACT: We will discuss some new results for asymptotically linear system of elliptic equations. We will focus on non-resonant case near the principal eigenvalue of the associated linear problem. If time permits, we will also discuss solvability of the system at resonance satisfying Landesman-Lazer type conditions.

Friday September 11

TITLE: Diffusion models and biological waves
TIME: 10:00-11:00am
ROOM: Ayres 405
SPEAKER: Kokum DeSilva and Ibrahim Aslan

TITLE: An Introduction to Loewner Equation - Part 2
TIME: 2:30
ROOM: BU 476
SPEAKER: Andrew Starnes
Abstract:In last week's talk, we went over a convergence theorem for the multi-slit Loewner equation due to Roth and Schleissinger. This week we have an application of this theorem inspired by a paper from Kager, Nienhuis, and Kadanoff.

TITLE: The Joint Institute for Computational Sciences: The Skinny
TIME: 3:30 -4:30pm
ROOM: Ayres 405
SPEAKER: Anthony Mezzacappa
ABSTRACT: The Joint Institute for Computational Sciences (JICS) was first established in 1991 and has been through several critical phases in the more than two decades since, including the award by DOE to UT-Battelle of the management of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, the award by NSF to the University of Tennessee (UT) of the Kraken supercomputer, which was the Nation’s first academic petaflop supercomputer, and the award by NSF to the University of Illinois of the eXtreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), of which JICS is a leading partner, to support NSF’s National cyberinfrastruc?ture. As a result, JICS and, within it, the National Institute for Computational Sciences (NICS), one of NSF’s five supercomputing centers, took on a National focus, supporting thousands of users and projects across all scientific and engineering domains. Within the past two years, we have focused on bringing JICS expertise and resources, and its overall unparalleled NSF track record of user support, to campus. During this time, we have established a significant number of new, single- and multiple-invest?igator collaborations with campus faculty. Our desire is to continue this growth and, most important, bring the best of what the University has to offer in computing to its faculty and the research frontiers they wish to advance. I will give an overview of JICS, focusing on its unique aspects, particularly as they pertain to their potential utility to campus faculty and the opportunities they may afford faculty. I will discuss some of our ongoing collaborations with campus, and discuss ways we can, and hope to, engage other faculty in the future.

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