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Seminars and Colloquiums
for the week of April 22, 2019


Jack Ryan & Nitin Singhal, University of Tennessee
Vincent Heningburg, University of Tennessee
Danielle Burton, Lindsey Fox, Logan Perry, Tyler Poppenwimer, Shelby Scott, University of Tennessee
Peter Bubenik, University of Florida

Wednesday, 4/24

TITLE: Cone-controlled growth of Loewner evolutions
SPEAKER: Jack Ryan & Nitin Singhal, University of Tennessee
TIME: 2:30 PM-3:20 PM
ROOM: Ayres 113
The Loewner equation provides a correspondence between certain families of simply connected domains in the upper half plane and real-valued continuous functions. In this talk, we present a paper titled "The Loewner equation and Lipschitz graphs" by Steffen Rohde, Huy Tran, and Michel Zinsmeister. This paper presents a new proof for a result which classifies the simply connected domains corresponding to real-valued continuous functions with Holder-1/2 norm less than 4. This proof utilizes a condition that maintains hull growth within a fixed cone. 

Thursday, 4/25

TITLE: Numerical methods for radiative transport equations
SPEAKER: Vincent Heningburg, University of Tennessee
TIME: 3:30 PM
ROOM: Ayres 308H
His committee consists of Professors: Hauck (chair), Feng, Karakashian, Mezzacappa (Physics & Astro).

Friday, 4/26

SPEAKERS: Danielle Burton, University of Tennessee
Lindsey Fox, University of Tennessee
Logan Perry, University of Tennessee
Tyler Poppenwimer, University of Tennessee
Shelby Scott, University of Tennessee
TIME: 11:15 AM-12:05 PM
ROOM: Ayres 401
In this week's Math Biology seminar, we will hold the 1st Math Bio "Mic Night @ Lunch Seminar" - 10 minute or less advertisements of student research featuring Danielle Burton, Lindsey Fox, Logan Perry, Tyler Poppenwimer, and Shelby Scott!  Lunch will be served in celebration of a successful semester!  (If you do not normally attend this seminar but plan to attend this one, please send a quick RSVP e-mail to by 4/24/19.)

TITLE: An introduction to topological data analysis
SPEAKER: Peter Bubenik, University of Florida
TIME: 3:35 PM-4:35 PM
ROOM: Ayres 405
Topological Data Analysis (TDA) is a new approach to analyzing complicated geometric and/or high dimensional data for which traditional approaches don't work as well one would like. The central mathematical object of TDA is the persistence module, which can be understood using the language of a number of different branches of mathematics. It turns out that taking an applied viewpoint on this algebraic object leads us to new mathematics. I will give an introduction to TDA focusing on its mathematical foundations. I will also describe the pipeline of turning input data into persistence modules and then representing these persistence modules in a way that can be combined with tools from statistics and machine learning. I will end with a biological application.

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