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Seminars and Colloquiums
for the week of October 31, 2016


Thomas Weighill, UTK, Monday
Alexander Jefferson, UTK, Monday
Dr. Karl-Mikael Perfekt, UTK, Wednesday
James Scott, UTK, Thursday
Judy Day, UTK, Friday

3:00 pm – 3:30 pm
Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday
Room: Ayres 401

Hosted by: Mitchell Sutton

Monday, October 31st

TITLE: Montone-light factorizations in coarse geometry II!
SPEAKER: Thomas Weighill, UTK
TIME: 2:30pm – 3:20pm
ROOM: Ayres 114
In the previous two talks we defined coarse analogues of topological monotone and light maps. In this talk, we connect the coarse notions with the topological ones using the Higson corona, which is a compact topological space associated to a large-scale space. In particular, every large-scale continuous map f from X to Y induces a topologically continuous map vf between the Higson coronas of X and Y. We show that, when X and Y are proper metric spaces, that f is coarsely monotone if and only if vf is topologically monotone. We will also mention some coarse properties that are preserved by coarsely light maps.

TITLE: Controlling the Spread of Plant Invasions: The Importance of Nascent Foci
SPEAKER: Alexander Jefferson, UTK
TIME: 2:30pm – 3:20pm
ROOM: Ayres G003

Wednesday, November 2nd

TITLE: Helson matrices: moment problems, non-negativity, boundedness, and finite rank
SPEAKER: Dr. Karl-Mikael Perfekt, UTK
TIME: 2:30pm - 3:20pm
ROOM: Ayres G003

Thursday, November 3rd

TITLE: Elliptic Regularity Using Pseudo-Differential Operators
SPEAKER: James Scott, UTK
TIME: 2:00pm – 3:00pm
ROOM: Ayres 112
Regularity for elliptic partial differential operators can be established in several different ways. In this talk a proof for local elliptic regularity will be presented using a class of operators called pseudo-differential operators. The operators can be realized as integration against a singular kernel K, to which the general theory of Calderon-Zygmund operators applies. Relevant background on Calderon-Zygmund operators and its specific application to the theory of pseudo-differential operators will be shown prior to the result of elliptic regularity in the talk.

Friday, November 4th

TITLE: Dynamics and Control of Complex Immune Responses
TIME: 3:35pm-4:35pm
ROOM: Ayres 405
The response of a host’s immune system to severe infection or traumatic insult consists of a fascinating and complex cascade of events involving a multitude of immune cells and molecules aimed at restoring homeostasis to the host.  Understanding how this process works is essential to determining possible intervention strategies when the natural processes that govern the inflammatory response become dysregulated, such as in sepsis. However, unraveling this complex process and finding appropriate interventions to guide the response toward desirable outcomes is not straightforward.  Mathematical modeling, dynamical systems tools, and control theoretic methodologies provide fresh insight into this challenging biomedical problem and also suggest intervention strategies.  This talk will report on efforts to mathematically model and analyze such systems as well as control system trajectories to favorable outcomes.  In particular, a canonical and highly nonlinear ordinary differential equations system modeling the acute inflammatory response will be used to illustrate the use of state estimation methods coupled with a nonlinear model predictive control methodology to determine therapeutic intervention strategies in a diverse virtual patient population with limited measurement feedback. This work is a part of a larger aim to incorporate techniques for real-time parameter and state estimation into the control scheme in an effort to move toward effective adaptive control of this challenging biomedical problem.  

This is joint with Seddik Djouadi (EECS, UTK)

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