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The University of Tennessee

Mathematics Department

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45th Annual John H. Barrett Memorial Lectures
May 13-16, 2015

Stochastic Filtering, Computations and Their Applications

Main Lectures:

Dan Crisan, Imperial College
Tom Kurtz, UW-Madison

Plenary Speakers:

Christophe Andrieu
University of Bristol, UK
Yves Atchade
University of Michigan
Evangelos Evangelou
University of Bath, UK
Kayo Ide
University of Maryland
Maggie Han
Auburn University
Lane Hughston
Brunel University

Nikolas Kantas
Imperial College, UK
Mike Kouritzin
University of Alberta, Canada
Sergey Lototsky
University of Southern California
Patrick Rebeschini
Yale University
Juan Restrepo
Oregon State University
Panos Stinis
Pacific Northwest National Lab

Jonathan Weare
University of Chicago
Clayton Webster
Oak Ridge National Lab
Kasia Wolny
Warwick University, UK
Jie Xiong
University of Macau
Yong Zeng
University of Missouri-Kansas City
Guannan Zhang
Oak Ridge National Lab








Conference will be held on the University of Tennessee campus located in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Contact information: Vasileios Maroulas,

Organizing Committee: Vasileios Maroulas, Jan Rosinski, Jie Xiong

This conference is being sponsored by NSF, IMA - Institute for Mathematics and its Applications,
The University of Tennessee Mathematics Department,
College of Arts & Sciences, and the Office of Research.

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updated: 05/1/15