MAA State Dinner
Saturday, April 14, 2007

The MAA State Dinner will be held on our campus after the Undergraduate Math Conference on Saturday, April 14th. The dinner will be at 6pm in the University Center Executive Dining Room. A pasta buffet will be served. After dinner, Glenn Webb will be the speaker. (talk information below)

If you would like to attend this dinner, please give a check for $20 payable to the University of Tennessee to Jane Parker by April 9.

Hope you will consider attending this dinner.

Suzanne Lenhart

Speaker: Glenn Webb, Vanderbilt University

Title: Modeling Antibiotic Resistance Epidemics in Hospitals

Abstract: Hospital acquired infections caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens are a global health problem. This public health crisis is the result of an incomplete understanding of the transmission dynamics of antimicrobial-resistant bacteria in hospital settings. Mathematical models provide a means to study the transmission dynamics of nosocomial pathogens in hospitals, focusing on healthcare worker contamination by patients, patient infection by healthcare workers, and antibiotic exposure of patients. The models demonstrate that early initiation of treatment and minimization of its duration mitigates antibiotic resistance epidemics in hospitals.