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Rules for Math Bowl Answers

An answer that does not follow these rules, even if mathematically correct, will be declared incorrect by the judge.

1. Answers that are not integers may not be expressed in decimal form. Fractions must be expressed in reduced form:
( 53  or   1 23 ) are acceptable,
but ( 106  ,  1.6666  or  "1.6 repeating" ) are not acceptable.

2. All roots must be in reduced form:
2 2   is acceptable, but   8   is not acceptable.

3. Denominators MUST be "rationalized":
2 2   is acceptable, but   8   is not acceptable.

4. Probabilities should be stated in reduced form and not as percentages:
( 1 5   or 1:5  ) are acceptable, but  ( 3:15 or 20% ) are not acceptable.

5. Complex expressions such as x(y+z) must be expressed in an unambiguous way.
For example, one could say the following two ways:
"x to the parentheses y + z closed parentheses"
"x to the quantity y + z"
but not as follows:
"x to the y plus z," which would be interpreted as xy + z.
last updated: March 2016

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