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The University of Tennessee

2015 UT Pro2Serve Math Contest for TN High School Students

Individual and team competitions for high school students, including home-educated students, with preparation in Algebra I and II, and Geometry:

  • FERMAT I: a multiple-choice exam for all participants.
  • FERMAT II: (the top 50 FERMAT I scores), an exam demanding uncommon creativity and originality in problem solving.
  • THE MATH BOWL: a double elimination tournament for three-member teams in the style of a Scholars Bowl competition. 2006 MathBowl

Calculators may not be used for either of the Fermat exams or the Mathbowl competition!

Contest Day: Tuesday October 27th 2015 at Thompson-Boling Arena

Early Registration: fees $10 per attendee, including adults, Not set yet. at 5pm EST.
Registration: fees $15 per attendee, including adults, Not set yet.
Financial Aid Deadline: Not set yet.
Math Bowl Registration Deadline: Not set yet..
Student data information form: The Student data form will be send with the confirmation email. The University will also be using the provided information to contact your students with competitive scholarship information. Please get this information returned as quickly as possible. All information must be received by the fees deadline given above. form information.


In addition to the ten, four-year, tuition scholarships at $6,000 per year to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville: certificates, t-shirts, and engraved plaques for the top winners of FERMAT I & II, and trophies and medals to winners of the MATH BOWL. Door prizes will be awarded at the teacher networking session held during FERMAT I. A surprise or two is in store!


Funds are available to help with lodging and travel expenses for schools traveling more than 100 miles and bringing at least 10 students to Knoxville for accommodations, bus expenses, and travel stipends for teachers (one from each school) who accompany high school teams. Apply with early registration. Financial aid deadline: Not set yet..


Hotel accommodations can be made by calling 865-974-2461. Deadline: Not set yet..


The purpose of the contest is to promote interest in mathematics among Tennessee high school students, to encourage them toward careers in mathematics, science, and engineering, and to recognize their mathematical prowess by awarding scholarships, trophies, plaques, and certificates. The contest is designed to challenge any student who has completed Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry although these courses are not required for contest entry.


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