Sample .mailrc file

Lines starting with a # contain comments on the line(s) above them.

Sample .mailrc file
set askcc hold keepsave editheaders
# This line sets four variables. By default, these variables are
# not set. Variables can also be set one to a line.
set folder=mrtidy
# Sets the directory for files that hold the mail messages that
# you save. This directory is in the user's home directory.
set PAGER=less
# Defines the pager to be used to view mail messages that are
# longer than a single screenful.
set VISUAL=/usr/local/bin/ue
# Sets the editor that is called when you enter the command ~v
# while composing a mail  message.
sign="The Boy in the Bubble"
# The "signature that is inserted in your mail message with the
# ~a command.

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