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Hardware failure : June 9th 2014

8:20PM: Department email, user web pages, and remote logon is down due to hardware failure. The problem is being fixed, and early estimates have everything back online by 11pm June 9th.

3:51am June 10th: Currently it looks like everything should be back online by 6am.

7:50am: The hardware has been replaced and everything should be back online. If you are still having problems please contact us.


Submit a help request
Having the email helps us keep track of all the help requests we receive.
If you can't send email, call 974-4345
If we are unavailable, please leave a voice message describing the problem and how to contact you.


Instructions for downloading Matlab


Sample_Document_for_Workshop 1 (PDF)

Sample_Document_for_Workshop 1 (TEX)